Monday, January 29, 2007

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All-Star has been very memorable to me… So since the BIG WINNER has been finally announced… Again, i’ll be saying these… For those WHO’VE BEEN GOOD TO ME all THROUGHOUT… a BIG THANKS!!! For those who broke my heart and TRIED TO UNNERVE ME, THANKS anyway.. You’ve all made ME STRONGER and WHERE I AM NOW… To those who doesn’t like me even after the game, DO I MAKE THEM PROUD? I know everything happens for a reason and WHATEVER THAT IS, I leave it up to HIM… To those who HATED ME or MAYBE IN A WAY CURSED ME, THANKS too… YOU ALL MADE ME REALIZE That I AM GOOD BEYOND MY IMPERFECTIONS… To those whom I GOT OFFENDED IN A WAY, I’M SORRY… I hope you understand… THIS IS ME… LOVE ME, HATE ME… I’M JUST BEING ME… Loves you all!

Now I say, being a BIG WINNER doesn’t really require a lot of things… But still, being “REAL” is the “KEY”… I am proud that I became a part of this Fantasy Game… There has been a BIG TWIST… Instead of having BIG 4, which if we followed that basis, Gee should have won… But the TWIST, locked! BIG 3… Gee, Me and Mica…

I wrote this January 11, 2007 - 9:16pm…

This is a confession entry for our “Big bad KUYA”…

The TIME has finally come… The TIME that “almost” - almost all VHs who got involved have long awaited for… The TIME that will now bid my last GOODBYE as an All-Star Virtual Housemate who tried, and DID her BEST for the NAME of the GAME… For the LOVE of FRIENDSHIP… For the LOVE for BBK (kayo po iyon…) WORDS really are not enough to say how THANKFUL I am being a part of this GAME… That for the second time around… I was given another CHANCE to PROVE MYSELF to everyone (mostly my co-VHs)…If there are a certain word that I want you, BBK to personally hear… It would be my HEARTFELT THANK YOU for being a part of my Virtual Life… Thank You for introducing the PBBFG Game to me… Thank You for teaching us things and how we are going to do things in contrast to what we really want… Thank You for giving us the chance to develop our PATIENCE, DISCIPLINE, CONCERN and AFFECTION towards the game and most especially towards the VHs who we lived with for 100 Days…Actually, 100 DAYS aren’t enough to REALLY KNOW A PERSON DEEPLY… To know a REAL PERSON INSIDE and OUT… Some made it easy to know and develop a rapport with someone due to their OUTSIDE aspects in life without having to know and without getting to know another person more deeply - and what really lies inside their HEARTS and MINDS…Maybe I have said that 100 days are not enough… Yeah, it isn’t - but with the TIME SPENT online, having CHIT-CHATS, VOICE CONFERENCE, CONFESSIONS Updates and DIARY UPDATES… I am proud and very much GRATEFUL to say how REWARDED I felt for now, I’m here again… STANDING right in front of everybody including YOU, BBK… Some who may have ABHORRED the REAL ME that I’ve shown inside the Virtual House and for MOST who I may say who simply LOVED ME NOT FOR WHO I AM - but WHO I AM when they talk to me, when they’re with me…

For those na medyo RATTLED ako from the start because of the VHs that I will be meeting and getting to know inside the Virtual House like The Obnoxious Blogger from U.P. Manila, na some may find him a person with a black heart but knowing him and getting the chance to dig the real him inside, I say I’m proud for he told me not once that I became One of his Friend in this game…

The Diane Kruger of Bulacan, I say we may have one of the shortest conversations here online, but we managed to keep in touch even after her being evicted…

The Kid from PISAY who I feel so PROUD of, coz at an early age, he’s so MATURE… We may had, had an argument before, one thing’s clear now… It really is not EASY SAYING GOODBYE to SOMEONE WHO YOU’VE BEEN FRIENDS for A LONG TIME…

During this game I’ve had the longest BANGGAAN “as some would see” with The Sossy Businesswoman from Q.C. Honestly po, from all the “text messages” I received… I would say and PROUD TO SAY - that she MADE ME STRONGER @ THIS POINT OF MY LIFE… I have to admit, marami po ang nagsabi na wag kong iyakan ang bagay na yun, but being called to as someone you’re NOT, masakit talaga… But one thing’s SET IN MY MIND… To FIGHT MORE UNTIL THE END… I don’t care ’bout the money… WIN or LOSE I know I’ve WON FRIENDSHIP since Day 001 and by that means… I AM A WINNER…

Para naman po dun sa Seasonmate ko who has always been a “VILLAIN” since Season 2, di ko din po siya masisi if that’s how he see me in this game… It alll started sa pag-amin ko sa Dry Run Nominations… I guess, hindi po naintindihan why I did that and have to tell him why I did that… I may have done that - Yeah… But not because I want him OUT… But because I want to see him fighting more… Mahal ko naman po siya kahit na medyo irritated siya sa akin…

Para po doon sa Computer Geek na Hottie from Canada, isang malaking priviledge for me to know him inside & out… Coz, first chat pa lang po namin, talaga naman pong hours ang itinagal and we both shared thoughts about things… Music and Life… It’s not HOW LONG YOU HAVE BEEN WITH THE PERSON, BUT IT’S THE MEMORIES YOU MADE THE TIME YOU WERE TOGETHER… Good or Bad, still, those are ROAD TOWARDS SUCCESS and APPRECIATING LIFE MORE…

Para po dun sa Seasonmate ko who fondly calls me “Atchie” - she’s one VH I will never ever forget… Isa po siya sa pinakatetreasure and inaalagaan ko sa game na ito… Coz I wanted her to prove herself the way I knew her during our Season…

To my Seasonmate who was a Master Strategist on his own, he’s someone I never regretted meeting here and having the chance to get to know well.. He may be a Strategist - but he’s always been the one who believed in ME… And that’s what keeps me GOING…

To my KIKAY SISTER from CSB, siya po yung di ko ineexpect na makakaclose ko… Nagkaroon man po ng issue about IP Address - that didn’t drew us apart… Rather it made us more closer and like REAL SISTERS, she TRUSTED ME WITH the STUFFS about her life… I will always treasure her BBK… (( naiiyak na po ako, sa last farewell ko na toh… ))

For The Hot Seducer ng Cebu I am thankful knowing him - meaning the real HIM… He became REAL and I was likewise… Lahat po ng kalakohan napag-usapan namin, honestly, YUN PO ANG REAL THING and I do appreciate every single time we both spent online chatting till sun up… No If’s, No But’s… Swerte po ang mga magiging kaibigan niya in the future…

Para po sa Super Guro ng Paranaque… We never had a single misunderstanding here sa Virtual House… But he showed me HOW HE VALUE the WORD FRIENDSHIP… Di man po ako Season 3 VH, I felt po na talagang welcome ako sa clan nila… Di ko po alam, pero magaan po ang loob namin sa isa’t isa… I feel closest to him right from the start… Di man po kami lagi nagkakausap noon, kapag bumawi naman po, YOU’LL definitely MISS the JOLLY KID in HIM…

Ito po ang talagang iiyakan ko… Di pa man po end ng FRIENDSHIP,, he became a FAMILY TO ME… Ang Broadway Star ng America nagkakaroon man po kami ng petty tampuhan, grabe po kami kung bumawi sa isa’t isa… We’re like BROTHERS and SISTERS… Yun pong hinanap ko sa naging mga kapatid ko and pinsan ko, sa kanya ko po lahat naramdaman yun… He may be kid at heart, slow minsan, pero he’s the BEST for ME… He’ll always be my BROTHER… my FRIEND… my COMPANION…

Sa Blogista Princess ng Dagupan Kahit sa sandaling oras sa EB namin sa GH… Sa iilang oras na nagkausap kami sa telepono, masasabi ko, na I’M HAPPY and GLAD KNOWING a person like her…

Sa Kikay ng U.P. Diliman ang smart, witty and halos nalink sa lahat ng Virtual Boys, nagkaroon man po kami ng misunderstandings, still - we proved that FRIENDSHIP is always TESTED by a LOT of THINGS… Lagi ko sinasabi sa kanya na wag dapat baba ang tingin niya sa sarili niya… Kasi parehas lang po kami meron INFERIORITY COMPLEX… Lagi ko pong pinalalakas ang loob nya to face and do things… Ganun din siya… Ako daw po ang LUCKY STAR niya kapag di sya makapag-OL pero once magkausap kami sa phone, biglang connect… Marami po ako sobrang mamimiss sa All-Star…

This isn’t the GOODBYE… Magiging updated pa din kami sa isa’t isa… Alam ko po, this isn’t the END OF FRIENDSHIP… I know din po na to some, MY MEMORIES WON’T FADE WHEN I LEAVE THIS HOUSE… If there’s one thing I’ll keep in mind… Magiging magkaibigan po kami habang buhay… Di man po magkasama sa araw-araw, pero sa isipan and sa damdamin, mananalaytay po ang samahan ng pagkakaibigan…

Di ko po masasabi up to when or if we’ll survive the end of the ALL Star… Alam ko po, may magbabago man, ORAS, ARAW… Pero yung FRIENDSHIP, IT WILL ALWAYS BE A MEMORY THAT WILL ALWAYS BE A FILM THAT WE’LL PLAY AS WE GO ON OUR LIVES…

This isn’t the END… BBK, mamimiss ko din po kayo… Everything about you… This isn’t mixed emotions… Malungkot po talaga ako, dahil ngayong ALL STAR, mafifeel ko ang pagCLOSE ng Virtual House unlike Season 2… I love you BBK and I will Miss you… I’ll never forget the times we all spent here sa Virtual House… You’re counted as a FRIEND na din to me…
I just can’t help the feeling po… I’d have to let this all out… Cry it all out… Masyado lang po naging memorable ang ALL STAR for me…

CURRENT MUSIC: Graduation Song (Friends Forever)

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Never been *ehem

Well, I just watched “Never Been Kissed” (Drew Barrymore’s) last night. Haha, I actually realized that that’s the one I’ve been watching at the near end of the movie (how lame!)…

I won’t give the full details… I’ll just share a scene ( the climax, actually). She finally constructed her story! She writes stuffs about her self, that she was a geek and a loser when she was in high school and that she never had a relationship with a man and SHE NEVER EXPERIENCED BEING KISSED by a man… She fell in love with a certain literature instructor however; they had a conflict before that article was created. So she write on that piece that if THAT GUY really loves her, he’ll go to the baseball ( where Josie shall give the first pitch ) and give her first real kiss. It happened! And a lot of peepz had witnessed that very romantic event.

So what about that? I like it. Aside from having a crush with that Literature instructor and hearing my favorite Moffatt song ( Until you loved Me ) at the end of the film, it really moved me. Josie (Barrymore) is so damn lucky for she finally had experienced the thing that she never experience before… Aw! How about me? When will I??? Errr..

Oh well, unlike her, I’ve already kissed a guy. I’ve already had relationships with some. R-E-L-A-T-I-O-N-S-H-I-P-S??? Not really… Oh, this must be a reprehensible divulgence…

I’ve already had bfs but I never had a serious one. Honest! I even actually can’t think of a particular one whom I can consider as an EX-BF… I know I don’t have the right to talk like this because I do not possess the goddess-like beauty of some stunning beauty queens out there but sincerely, I never consider those as serious. And now, I’m beginning to wonder. I’m single for 1 year and 6 months now. Why is that?

I’ve heard some assessment from my friends… Here are the remarkable ones:

“ Ano ba kasi ang seryoso sa iyo? Mukha ka namang sweet sa guy. Don’t tell me, hindi LOVE ang lahat ng iyon?”

“ Pihikan ka kasi… Mataray pa! Date lang naman eh”…

“ May pagka-flirt ka kaya… Sometimes yung simple body language mo could mean so much sa isang guy, and for you wala lang… Hope torture naman!”


“ Ang dami mo kasing crush! Nawawalan tuloy SIYA ng pag-asa… the tendency is, lalayo na lang siya”

“Mahilig ka kasi sa gwapo, ayaw naman ng mga gwapo sa iyo”.

“ Kakaiba kasi mga type mo, yung tipong walang pag-asang magkagusto sa isang babae.. Kung hindi weird, nerd o kaya naman awtistik… haha”.

……tama na!!! ( I better hide their names, ayaw kong makapatay ng tao… haha..).

Infairness, masakit yung iba… haha! So, to defend myself, I’ll give my justifications:

* What is a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP for me? It’s the thing that I can be able to give my 100% love, complete with passion, intimacy and commitment. COMMITMENT: I actually hate that! Uh-oh, I think the statement above ( I never had a serious bf) is so mean… hehe… Okay, I had boyfriends… period. Haha!

* Pihikan? Ang dami ko nga crushes! Hehe… Well, it somehow true, for If I don’t like a guy ( who obviously likes me), I’ll really show it ( in a nice way naman… hehe)… But I do date naman ah! hmp!

* Flirt? Flirt naba iyon? Aw! Okay, I’ll be careful!

* TAMA NAH! I know, it’s my weakness… Mahina talaga ang GAYDAR ko… Aw!

* Oh well, having a crush is different from falling inlove.. waaaah!

* No! I’m not! To tell you honestly, I’ve fallen in love with a fat lazy guy and a very dark guy who doesn’t deserve a face ( another shocking revelation… shame!).

* NOT ALL! But I’m guilty of it! Haha… I don’t know why… I found them cute…

So there, I can’t still figure out why the hell my love cycle has stopped. Whacha think guyz? When shall I’ve experienced that SERIOUS thingy I wanna have? Hay…

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Historical Deception

I am very concern about the historical spin-off that
GMA had put on their show Asian Treasure, especially that concerns with the distortion of some of the important facts in the Philippine History. However, these observations are based only on the premier episode of the said show. More of them, I am sure, will come out later as the show progresses.

1. The 10 datus had taken the gold they collected and hid them with a powerful medallion.
2. The groups calling themselves KKK or the Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan, and Sudama are obviously created.
4. Andres Bonifacio was not a member of KKK, or Kapatirang Kumakalinga ng Kayamanan. However, contrary to popular beliefs, there were two founders of Katipunan, the other was Diodato Arellano, who died before the revolution started.
5. Dr. Jose Rizal is not also a member of Kapatiran.

1. They are correct in saying that there were really ten (10) datus that came from Borneo, that established themselves somewhere in Zamboanga Peninsula and the rest of the Mindanao.
I had watched a glimpse of one episode where Angel, Marvin and Robin went to Rizal Shrine in Calamba and stole all of Dr. Rizal’s shoes. Who the hell would believe that? Not one pair of Dr. Rizal’s original shoes were placed in that shrine, together with all furnitures and painting in the shrine, they are all mere replica of the original. Please, be realistic. If you want the original shoes, go to the National Archives or to the National Historical Institute.

My friend, Yatot, also had some says about this series:

Bakit nila pinaghalo ang facts sa fictions? Hindi ba alam ng gma7 na
ding mga fans sina Robin Padilla at Angel Locsin na mga bata at
nag-aaral pa?!?
What kind of media practitioner is gma7 by the way? They are
putting a factual
error to the minds of children! Are they trying to be “Da
Vinci Code”-like
series? Hahahaha… nice try! But I think, the “Da Vinci
Code” has its facts all
supported with factual evidence and documents… so
hindi ko masisisi ang writer
ng “The Da Vince Code” kung ilagay nya ang mga
ganun sa book nya…But what is the
point here? The point is… they (gma7)
should not lay an alternative factual
event to the actual facts! gma7 should
have supporting evidence or documents
regarding this story… It is true that
there are 10 Bornean Datus that came here
in a balangay, I have learned that
from elementary; but for the children’s sake,
lagyan ba ng mga kakaibang
plot ang pagdating nilang iyon? And isama pa sina
Andres Bonifacio at Jose
Rizal sa mga ganitong kalokohan! I know Rizal was very
much different from
Bonifacio because the former only fought with his pen unlike
with the
latter! And you called that CREATIVE WRITING huh? And oh, where’s the
originality by the way?

I still say, whatever the comments and opinions of others will be,
that Asian
Treasures is the ultimate spin-off story tragedy in the history
of Philippine

This show should get a review from the National Historical Institute for distorting the history. GMA Network should realize that mass media, especially the televisions, have huge impact on children. What if some children watched this, and mis-understood what was real history to pure fantasy? Our people’s nationalistic and historical senses are alarmingly low without the help of the show’s alteration of the Philippine History.
I made this blogpost, not to disgrace the show or the producers or GMA Network. I am a concerned history teacher. We should all respect history, not because it is history, but because that is where we came from.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

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The Ederlyn's Travels

I woke up. And I receive the message. At first, you'd be at joy to read:

"Ui invited daw tayo sa birthday ni Ederlyn bukas. Kita kita na
lang tayo dun. Text text na lang. Ü

Sino ba yun? Kilala m0? Finorward lang skn eh!

Now, who the hell is she? Then, sasabihin pa nang textmate mo, "Kilala mo ba siya, ako rin hindi, finorward lang din sa aken."

Well, thanks Ate Mats. And I did not know why this Ederlyn Madness is now a favorite joketime in the Filipino Textworld. No one even knows if Ederlyn do exist. Or is this a hoax or just a product of one's creative foolish mind.

Well, if it's a hoax. Well done. You made a lot of people happy. Though I must admit, I was really laughing, receiving all sorts of this Ederlyn stuff. It's hilarious. First, was a party. Second, was people didn't attend at the party. Next, she has a cast, her relatives started to talk their confessionals about her. Her sister told us she died. But another sister told us she's gonna be back after three days and so on..

C rowan daw, na frnd ni ederlyn, may concert sa araneta. Sa lhat ng invitd s bday ni ederlyn,invtd din s concert ni rowan sa sbdo ng 7pm. Punta kyo ha?!

sino ba si ederlyn???

at bakit kaibigan niya si rowan?

sino si rowan? Ü

^... I never received this thing.

Guys, e2 nga pala ung number ni ederlyn 0919*******, hinahnap nya kau kanina, pwde p daw kaung humbol, naku nagt2mpo n un sa inyo, bt d nyo man lang dw bnati, pktxt nyo na lng, yngatz.

- almira (pinsn ni ederlyn)

The legend goes on. Pinsan naman ni Ederlyn ang nagsalita.

“chonamae,anak, ipaghahanda dn kta s bday m. Tatalbugan ntn party n ederlyn.bwahaha!”

-claudia bagonggahasa (nanay ni chonamae n kalaban ni ederlyn) Woohoo! Ü

Freaking! May naiinggit pang kapitbahay!

NAGBABAGANG REBELASY0N. mdaming nagttnong! Kinukuwesty0n ang pgkatao nya!Ngaun, handa n syang humarap s publiko at sagutin lahat ng ktanungan s knya. ilalabas n din nya ang knyang hinnakit s diumanong nilangaw n bday celebrati0n nya. EDERLYN bbsgin n ang kthmkan! EXKLUSIBO, LIVE S THE BUZZ! -JaN 14 EPISODE. ÜÜ

Undeniably, she's now a star. And if she's not yet on your inbox. Then, y*ck ka.

text promo!..

win a chance to meet nd greet Ederlyn LIVE!!

Just text EDERLYNGUESS and send to 2366. Text na!!!

She even have this text promo. Galore! Haha.

Sa mga ta0 p0ng ngtatan0ng at hndi nakakakilala kay ederlyn,
girlfriend ko po sya.


cn0 na naman b it0?!
Nangengelam pa! Ü

At may boypren pala sya.

“Mga Taga-Lupa, iLabas ny0 c ederLyn!! Kukunin na naming siya!!”

- kokey
Waha! Ang pagbabalik ni k0key!Ü

Nasa KOKEY the movie pala siya. Artistahin si Ederlyn!

“Alalahanin m0ng nandito lang ako para sa’yo kung hindi ka kayang mahalin ni ederlyn, melencio.”


Cnu nman 2ng isang 2?


I did not receive anything like this. Kakaiba.

Add niyo naman ako sa friendster nyo. Kainis kayo, di nyo man lang ako ina-add. Tampo na ako. Seryoso ako!

Sosyal. May friendster na. Mamaya. Mag-tatag na yan sa blog ko. :P

FHM’s limited edition/ collector’s edition covergirl for January 2007:


And she's even in FHM. <:

Guys, d 2l0y fansclub ni ederlyn bukas.. my sh0ot cla for maalaala m0 kaya.. life story nea.. Abangan..

- Rene (manager ni ederlyn)

May career na siya. Kim and Gerald get out of the way. Armand and Ederlyn's here.

New word in the dictionary: EDERLYN – a word meaning mysterious.

Eg: I don’t know what’s in her mind. She seldom speaks. She’s so Ederlyn.Ü

Wow. Buti na lang hindi ako mysterious. Baka tawagin akong so EDERLYN!

“a-ate, b-bakkeeet d-di claa p-pu-m-muntaa nung b-bertdeey mo?”

-ederloo (mongoloid na kapatid ni ederlyn)

This is not really a good one for me.

Join us as we welcome baby EMARLYN to the Christian world on January 14 at St. Therese of the Child Parish. Attire is semi- formal. Reception will follow at our place. Alam nyo na un, kita- kits.

- Ederlyn and Arman.

Pati binyagan. Public na.

My judgment: Maloko lang talaga ang Pinoy. Orig at unique. Haha. Sino ba naman makakaisip na mapagkatuwaan ang Ederlyn na yan. Are we really something like, uhm? Crazy. Wala lang magawa sa buhay? Minsan, iniisip ko, ambabaw naman natin.

But somehow, I conclude:
Tinatry lang natin magpakasaya. Sa hirap ng buhay, libre ang tumawa.
Hayy. Naku. Wala, binura ko na iyong text messages niyang si Ederlyn. Hahaha. Wala namang magagawang matino sa akin. Haha. :P Enjoy ka ba? Haha.

Unlimited TEXT community's growing and that's what it's effect. I'll be a hypocrite if I'll tell you I'm not a user of this unlimited texting, its just practical. And when you receive something like this, is it an abuse? Or it's not. Maybe, in this case, we can pass for a while. Aminin mo, isa ka din sa nakitawa. Anyways, she's now a star. Baka next time, may sexy starlet na with a name of Ederlyn.

She's gonna make it far. Natalbugan niya na si Yeng. Di ko na nga naririnig for the 79th million time ang Hawak Kamay.

Ederlyn, Here and There
Ederlyn â„¢

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

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Are you on the List?

*Mikhail, 16, ., Digos City, Davao del Sur
Fergie, 17, ?, ?
Hector, 17, Olongapo City, Zambales
*Richard, 18, nursing stud., Kidapawan City, North Cotabato
Angelo, 18, nursing stud., Tacloban City, Leyte
*Zenrick, 19, fine arts stud., Mandaue City, Cebu
Jhed, 19, costumer service rep., Rizal
*Ron, 20, physical theraphy stud., Toronto Ontario, Canada
*Joel, 20, programmer, Pasig City/Batangas
Gideon, 21, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
*Al, 22, freelance writer, Bulacan
*Harley, 22, assistant chef, San Diego Cal. USA/Oriental Mindoro
Carl, ?, sales tech., QC/Cagayan Valley
*Reuel, 26, Ligao City, Albay

Gener, 17, college stud., QC/Metro Manila
*Cedie, 30, South Korea/Pasig City Metro Manila
Vincent, 20, college stud., QC/Metro Manila/Rizal
Morris, 21, public health stud., Cavite/Roxas City Iloilo
Julius, 24, former OFW, Cebu City, Cebu
*Christopher, 26, registered nurse, UK/Sulu
Megan, 1?, hs stud., Iligan City, Lanao del Norte
*Katrina, 17, ?, Iloilo City, Iloilo
Anne, 19, stud., Dagupan City, Pangasinan
Francoise, 19, Makati City
*Stephanie, 24, ?, Zamboanga City, Zamboanga del Sur
Chesca, 17, college stud., Marikina City/Metro Manila
*Shyn, 18, Hong Kong/Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Registration is still open. Do you want to be a virtual housemate?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A New Beginning

Seasons 1, 2, 3 and the All-Star PBBFG has ended & became a history but it doesn't mean that it all ended there inside the Virtual House and the world of the ex-VHS just stopped there.

ex-VHS or what we call THE GRADUATES of PBBFG can still be updated here... It's just a BEGINNING of our VIRTUAL LIFE after the All-Star...

It may be gone but it will never be forgotten...

Here, we all live by our own rules... perceptions... objectives... and thoughts... We're still connected with PBBFG, but here, we all talk about REAL-LIFE stuffs and no more games... We all can be more ourselves... We're still IN-TOUCH...

Big Bad Kuya is still connected with The Graduates and still we're all gonna spearhead to make things possible... For our life virtually has just begun...